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G4I Unveiled: Transforming Governments in 2024

The Digital transformation of global governments is no longer just a matter of survival; it’s a journey toward thriving in a world where the prowess of digital tools redefines every facet of governance. G4I is one such grand stage where the governmental and technological realms unite, creating a synergy that propels us into the future of innovative governance.

In recent years, we have witnessed governments leverage the power of digital technologies, seamlessly integrating them into policies, rules, and overarching goals in order to meet their citizens’ soaring expectations and demands. It has become vital to reinvent the user experience, placing delivery at the forefront and offering trust in every interaction.

Undoubtedly, the global stage is now set for a new narrative, one in which the convergence of technology and governance propels us toward a future that is not merely digital but distinctly transformative. But the question arises: how do we introduce such concepts to the governments? How do we bridge the gaps between the challenge-facing governments and the impact-driven innovators? The answer lies in the Govtech 4 Impact World Congress. Wondering how an event can bring revolution at such a huge level in global governance? Here’s how.

G4I World Congress- A Stage Where Government Meets Technology

G4I or Govtech 4 Impact World Congress aims to become the world’s preeminent meeting ground, where high-impact solutions take center stage, new paradigms of thought emerge, and opportunities flourish for the cultivation of fruitful partnerships. It’s the place where innovation meets governance to reshape how governments wield efficiency, ensuring a genuine IMPACT on the lives of their citizens. G4I offers not just insights but a pathway to a future where governments stand as pillars of change, armed with solutions that transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

The Force Driving G4I

At G4I, we aim to facilitate impactful progress that resonates across nations and communities.

IMPACT is the core driving force behind G4I. The primary goal of the event is to create tangible improvements in the lives of every citizen, every government, and every country. The visionaries behind this World Congress seek to tackle the most pressing challenges faced by future governments and transform public sector services. G4I will connect entrepreneurial public servants and impact-driven innovators to share cutting-edge tech content, learn from each other, build alliances, shape products, solve problems, and create public value. 

Welcome to G4I 

The G4I World Congress welcomes anyone who perceives digital transformation as the soul the government of the future. In essence, the G4I community extends beyond the boundaries of a traditional event—it is a part of human development. The participants, whether speakers, listeners, sponsors, or organizers, are driven by a collective desire to come together and digitally transform the grassroots of governance and society. 

The G4I community believes metamorphosis is the only way to pace with the ever-growing challenges and demands of the globe through the power of directed science and digitalization.

Here at G4I, we aim to unite the two spheres of a country in a single tie: the government and the innovators. You can find leading names from diverse categories, including but not limited to:

  • Visionary Leaders
  • Global Government and Government Officials
  • Entrepreneurial Public Servants
  • Impact-Driven Innovators
  • Universities & Academics
  • Philanthropist Speakers

Meet our visionary speakers

At the G4I World Congress you will have the opportunity to hear from renowned speakers and leading experts of the field, including

  • Benjamin Supple, Founder at SuppleMind. Former Global Head of Public Sector & Nonprofit Partnerships, Meta Business Messaging (WhatsApp, MSGR, IG), USA
  • Santiago Garces, Chief Innovation Officer of the city of Boston, USA
  • Denise Linn Riedl, Chief Innovation Officer of South Bend, Indiana, USA
  • Stefaan Verhulst, Co-founder and Chief Research and Development Officer of the Governance Laboratory at New York University, USA
  • Salima Bah, Minister of Communication, Technology and Communication, Government of Sierra Leone
  • Nicolas Diaz, Chief Innovation and Data Officer of the city of Syracuse, USA
  • Fernando Fernández-Monge Cortázar, Senior Associate Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, Spain
  • Many more – click here to view the full list of confirmed speakers

Our Expert Team Committee

The G4I core committee comprises global leaders and eminent personalities from their respective fields. This time in 2024, the following names will lead the vision of the G4I:

  • Fernando de Pablo, Digital Office Director, City of Madrid
  • Carlos Santiso, Head of the Digital, Innovative and Open Government division at the OECD, France
  • Natalia Laguyas, Senior Specialist, Institutional Engagement Unit at the Inter-American Development Bank, USA
  • Miguel Porrúa, Digital Government Principal Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank, USA
  • Yolanda Martinez, Overall Lead for GovStack Initiative, ITU Development Bureau (UN), Switzerland
  • Many more – click here to view the full list of Expert Committee members

What G4I World Congress is bringing to the table in 2024

The first-ever event on a global scale in the field, G4I provides a unique platform to foster global alliances, shape transformative products, revolutionize governments, address contemporary challenges, and create immense public value. 

In 2024, the G4I World Congress will focus on the key concerns including:

  1. A Resilient Approach Towards Public Sector Infrastructure.
  2. Data-Driven and Smart Public Services.
  3. Reinventing User Experience.
  4. Leveraging Technology to Tackle Humanity’s Biggest Challenges.
  5. Shaping the Right Government Platforms for a Digital Future.
  6. Unlocking Opportunities for Govtech Revolution.

Beyond these focal points, G4I 2024 promises much more. You can connect with leading governments from around the world, gain insights into their methodologies and the challenges they grapple with, and interact with the brightest minds from around the world as they share their innovative ideas. With a rich tapestry of discussions, exhibitions, lectures, and discussions, the G4I World Congress is set to explore topics that have the potential to redefine your worldview. 

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