Program Tracks


G4I hosts a multi-tracked congress and covers content from every facet of the Govtech ecosystem. Our speakers will share unique perspectives and offer fresh insights on operational innovation and technical excellence for professionals.

Our speakers are carefully sourced for their knowledge and thought leadership. They are experts, innovators and more importantly, purpose-driven to develop a high impact in the field.

From innovative sessions to an interactive exhibit, G4I assembles governments – across all levels – corporations, academics, investors, new entrepreneurs, and crucially, citizens.


Leveraging Technology to Tackle Humanity’s Biggest Challenges

In this inspiring set of sessions, we will explore the transformative power of technology in addressing the most pressing global challenges. The integration of new technologies in the public sector holds great potential for unlocking innovative solutions, improving efficiency, and enhancing service delivery.

The complexity of the challenges requires comprehensive and collaborative efforts, involving not only the government but also various stakeholders. By emphasizing careful planning, collaboration with experts, and addressing potential issues, governments and businesses can navigate the complexities associated with incorporating new technological approaches to tackling humanity’s most pressing challenges. In this series of panels and conversations we will explore what is needed for a successful implementation that drives innovation and delivers meaningful impacts on people’s lives.

What we will cover in this track:

  • Transitioning Towards a Greener World
    Harnessing Innovation for Sustainability
    Discover how cutting-edge technologies are driving the transition to a greener,
    more sustainable world. Experts will share insights on renewable energy, eco-friendly practices, and innovative solutions that promise to shape our planet’s future.
  • Improving the Experience of Urban Living
    Smart Cities, Smart Futures

    Explore how technology is revolutionizing urban living, making cities more
    livable, efficient, and inclusive. Learn about smart city initiatives, urban planning innovations, and the digital transformation of urban environments.
  • Sustaining a Welfare State that Delivers for All
    Tech-Enabled Social Progress
    Delve into the role of technology in ensuring a welfare state that leaves no one behind. Experts will discuss how digital innovations are enhancing healthcare, education, and social services, creating a more equitable society for all.
  • Securing a Safer World (and the Space Beyond)
    Protecting Humanity’s Frontiers

    Journey into the realms of security and exploration as we explore the challenges and opportunities of securing our world, both on Earth and beyond in space. Learn about cutting-edge defense technologies and the future of space exploration.

Data-Informed and Smart Public Services

Data governance frameworks for the public sector: Data governance frameworks for the public sector are essential structures and guidelines that govern how data is collected, stored, managed, and utilized within government organizations.

Governments have increasingly recognized the imperative to develop strategies and mechanisms for achieving informed decision-making, optimal resource allocation, process optimization, and personalized services. However, it is essential to prioritize the governance of data and establish trusted data infrastructures in the public sector before fully embracing emerging technologies.

This acknowledgement arises from the understanding that data-driven and smart public services can effectively leverage the power of data analytics, technology, and innovation to enhance the delivery and effectiveness of public services.

By harnessing vast amounts of data from diverse sources such as citizen feedback, sensors, and administrative records, governments can acquire valuable insights and make well-informed decisions to enhance service delivery, resource distribution, and policy-making. However, the success of data-driven initiatives relies on having robust data governance frameworks in place to ensure data quality, security, and privacy.

What we will cover in this track:

  • AI for Decision Intelligence strategies to enable rapid, accurate, and scalable decision-making capabilities
  • Hyper-Automation aligning automation initiatives with digital transformation goals
  • The New Frontier of Co-Creation between People and Machines exploring technologies that can push the boundaries of co-creation between people and machines.
  • Smart Things and Public Sector Delivery rolling out innovative tech to expand services and adapt to changing demands

Governance and Institutions: Investing in the Right Capabilities for a Digital Future

Delve into the critical role of governance and institutions in building the foundations for a digital future. The fast-paced changes brought by new technologies and the digital world offer great possibilities but also demand new governance platforms and institutions.

Governments and public agencies around the world need to rethink how they hire and train their workforces, how they engage with citizens and providers and what type of regulation that can protect citizens while ensuring that innovation is not stifled. These are not easy transformation, but deep reconfigurations that can only happen with enlightened, courageous, and ethical leaders steering the helm of public agencies. The potential for impact is huge, and the challenge is daunting. In this series of discussions and presentations from key experts and practitioners
we will explore existing initiatives, successful experiences, potential barriers and
strategies to move the needle on key fronts.

What we will cover in this track:

  • Capacities: Investing in Skills and Talent in a Fast-Changing Context
    Empowering the Workforce for Tomorrow
    Discover how cutting-edge technologies are driving the transition to a greener,
    more sustainable world. Experts will share insights on renewable energy, eco-friendly practices, and innovative solutions that promise to shape our planet’s future.
  • Procurement: Leveraging Governments’ Purse to Go Digital
    Smart Spending for Digital Advancement

    Uncover the power of government procurement as a catalyst for digital transformation. Learn how strategic procurement practices can drive innovation and efficiency in the public sector.
  • Smart Regulation: Ensuring that Regulation Protects Us While Enabling Innovation
    Balancing Regulation and Innovation
    Dive into the delicate balance between regulation and innovation. Experts
    and practitioners will discuss how smart regulation can foster innovation while
    safeguarding the interests of citizens and businesses.
  • Leadership: Unlocking the Full Potential of Public Leaders
    Inspiring Leadership for the Digital Age

    Explore the qualities and strategies that define effective leadership in the public sector. Learn from seasoned leaders who have successfully navigated the complexities of digital governance.

Building a Resilient Public Sector Infrastructure

Public sector often faces significant struggles to overcome service disruptions, data vulnerability and inefficient operations due lack of interoperability hinder government agencies’ ability to share data, collaborate, and streamline processes. This can lead to ineffectiveness, duplication of efforts, and delays in service delivery. A resilient public sector infrastructure is essential to ensure the stability, security, and continuity of government operations.

What we will cover in this track:

  • Adaptive Security adopting an integrated security approach
  • Cloud-Based Legacy Modernization how to leverage adaptive sourcing strategies
  • Composable Government Applications a modular approach to application architecture
  • Interoperability and Open Standards creating seamless integration between different government agencies. Two urgent examples of this need are digital identity and digital payments (G2P payments)

Delivery First – Reinventing User Experience and Building Trust

Adopting a “delivery first” mindset, grounded in user-centered approaches, is crucial for governments aiming to reinvent citizen experience and build trust. However, outdated legacy systems, fragmented data, concerns about privacy, resistance to change, and limited resources are obstacles for institutions to change the way public services are designed and implemented. Moreover, reshaping government services around life-events presents its own set of challenges. Coordinating various departments and agencies to provide a holistic and seamless experience for citizens can be complex and require enhanced interagency collaboration.

By addressing these challenges and reshaping the delivery of public services, zgovernments can achieve improved user experience and a proactive anticipation of citizen needs, efficiency, transparency, data privacy, and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration. These outcomes can ultimately lead to increased trust, citizen satisfaction, and the delivery of seamless and personalized public services.

What we will cover in this track:

  • Individual Control over the Experience improving human-centric citizen engagement
  • Data Collection and Privacy to Build Trust implementing transparent citizen practices and proactive communication
  • Proactivity and Anticipation leveraging advanced analytics and data-driven insights to anticipate citizen demands and preferences
  • Social Media and New Feedback Channels understanding how to identify emerging issues, detect trends, and respond timeously

Govtech Revolution – Unlocking innovation opportunities with emerging companies

Despite the wide array of innovative solutions available in the market, governments often face obstacles when seeking to adopt them. These hurdles can stem from limited familiarity with new providers, reliance on outdated work methodologies, and legal frameworks that impede innovation. As a result, governments encounter difficulties in effectively implementing and utilizing innovative solutions to enhance public services.

The Govtech revolution presents opportunities for governments to unlock innovation and tap into the potential of emerging companies. By fostering a conducive ecosystem, adopting agile procurement processes, investing in infrastructure and regulatory tools, ensuring effective governance, and exploring innovative investment approaches, governments can drive digital transformation, improve public services, and create a thriving Govtech sector.

What we will cover in this track:

  • Creating a New Ecosystem of Govtech Innovation nurturing the ecosystem to tap into the expertise and creativity of emerging companies
  • Procurement Strategies adopting more agile and flexible procurement approaches
  • Infrastructure and Regulatory Tools to Unlock Innovation in Governments enabling an environment for innovation by developing the necessary regulatory frameworks
  • Governance of the Govtech Innovation harnessing the potential by establishing a clear vision and strategy for innovation
  • Govtech Investment strategies to invest in emerging Govtech companies, foster innovation, address social challenges, and promote sustainable development